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Shad,is used top catch catfishcut shad are shinnersriver shinner,spotted tail
Whole and cut Shad and shinners can be used to catch catfish.
Crawfish-can be hooked behind the tail,or use the tail like shrimp by peeling the tail and use that on hookCrawfish can be used whole by putting the hook in the back of tail,remove claws or you can peel the tails and use them.
grass shrimp can be caught when river is high for bait.
worms-Worms,red worm,nightcrawlers can be used,a gob of wormsworks good.Use them to catch other bait to fish with like perch
MUSTAD LIVER/CRAWFISH,you can find these'a hooks at Liver can be used on a liver hook.You can take the liver and cut up into squares(pieces)then put a #4,6 hook in them then you can place them into a pill bottle and freeze them.The warmth from your hands will losen the liver and you can cast it out while its frozen.
Danny king punch baitsPunch baits like Danny kings can be used on theses hooks.Other baits like Hogwild can be used on hooks likesponge hooks.

Perch,like this one can be used by hookingbehind the fin are in the tail,sometimes cut perch works.
Catalpa worms-Pinch the small black head off of the catalpa worm. 
Grasp the worm between the thumb and forefinger of your left hand. 
With your right hand place the bend of the hook into the v shaped space between the worms hind Catalpa worms pinch head of then slide worm on that releases some of the smell of the catalpa.
There are several other baits that work crickets,grasshoppers,grub worms,shrimp and your own homemade baits.Fresh baits best but frozen will work too.